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Auto Glass - Repair / Replace

Rapid Oil & Lube

Chips can happen at any time, but they occur most often when you are driving and stray rocks are kicked up from nearby vehicles.


Chips may not seem like much, but they cause damage to the overall structural integrity of your windshield and can grow into larger, unsafe cracks.

Whether you drive a sedan, SUV, van, motor home, or alternative type of automobile, our team at Repair That Glass can get you out of trouble when your glass needs to be replaced.


Don't keep your favorite vehicle off of the road due to damage. Call us for replacement glass and get back out there!

Replace the glass in your favorite car

Trust the team with almost 3 decades of experience.


Say goodbye to distracting chips

• Front windshield

• Rear windshield

• Side windows

• Side view mirrors

• Rear view mirrors

• Vanity mirrors

• And much more


Remove damaged glass from anywhere in your car

Take care of the chips, scratches, or breaks in your automobile's glass by calling Repair That Glass right away. We will come to wherever you are within 20 miles of Rootstown, Ohio to replace your glass.

Get your auto glass replaced the convenient way

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